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Long Beach, CA

To Sit Like a God and Create I

Poetry Blog

To Sit Like a God and Create I

Brandon Cook

I will sit like a god and create, all afternoon
Drinking a cocktail, sitting in the silence that is never silent
The warble of the bird
The bend of grass
The slow sliding of glass
Within the window frame

Through which light will pour
Telling me
The holy hour is come
And I will feel, like God must,
That whatever violence there is
And pain and lust in this dark world
There is still something we must judge fair
And too lovely for words

The breeze pushing the curtains
Scraping the room soundlessly
Remains such a perfection
Iā€™d blush with joy
Were I not a fool
And tired
Drunk with sorrow and confused
Staring down at a blank piece of paper
Wondering how worlds are made