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Long Beach, CA

Overheard IV

Poetry Blog

Overheard IV

Brandon Cook

I don’t know how to thank God for it,
But I know that eventually, I’ll thank God for it, you know?

I mean, with a little perspective, we always see that things--
They have their shape

But…everything?  Her friend asked, interrupting
Unable to believe the sentimentality

I mean, Auschwitz?  I think you’re forgetting
The children
Like that Russian, Ivan, that--
Always forget, starts with a D—
What about the children?

I know, but yes, everything, or none of it has mercy in it
It’s all or nothing, right?
But the thing is, the only thing that makes anything make sense
Is God suffering with it
With all of it
With us
That’s why you can thank God
Not because the horrible is somehow beautiful
It’s not
But because he flips it all over like a dirty mat that’s clean on the other side
And he’s already been dragged through the dirt and mud of it

Her friend murmured, stirring her coffee, unconvinced
The warm all about them broken into pieces by the wind

Anyway…how was your day?