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Long Beach, CA

Prayers of Confession

A Prayer of Confession and Repentance

God, in You is all life.  So it is with sorrow, confusion, and even frustration, that we confess all the ways that we have chosen to walk in death.  We have been self-obsessed—with how we’re doing, with how we feel about ourselves, with our own comfort—and we’ve neglected to see You or live in Your life.  We’ve neglected to see others.  We’ve lived in selfishness and self-absorption, which is the heart of sin.  And we can’t find our way out of our darkness.  

But because of You and You alone, our lot is not to beat ourselves up, but to rise.  We repent, and we confess our hope in You, Lord.  For the sake of Your life, for the sake of Your Son, for the sake of Your great love for us, forgive us and make us new.  Free us God, to live in compassion, in mercy, in justice, and into a new way of being people, to Your glory and to our joy. 

Through Christ Jesus, our good King, our beautiful God, we pray.  Amen.