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Long Beach, CA

Sometimes Death is Necessary

 The celebration feels like birds landing on my open hands 
But always flying off
Like trimming a bonsai tree with shears just too small
It’s hard to get my heart around it all 

Christmas comes blustery and red 
With visions of sugarplums plump in our heads
But a day clothed in pastel?
And we are surrounded by so much spring
That the mystery is almost drowned out by our over-seeing and yet, our not believing that
The day that turns to night will turn to day again 

But then I remember that
We pruned our rose-bushes two months ago
And that became its own Easter
I thought we killed them, but
The holy hush—not three days mind, you—but six, seven weeks
Turned them all to burning bushes 
And it was too much metaphor 
Life, life on every side, orange and red and white 
The resurrection and the life

We are destined to walk, if we will, as he once walked,
In the cool of a garden
Up a long, lonely trail
Into the perfect sacrifice of love which keeps whispering,
“Sometimes death is necessary,
Keep walking, still”

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